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Minnesota Makers is a small boutique opened in May 2015 by a family of artists, first Christa Tess Kalk and Lynnda Kalk, a daugher/mother-in-law team, and later adding Jay Kalk, husband to Christa and son to Lynnda. This family spent much time collaborating and selling their own art at local art and craft fairs over the years. The idea to create a collaborative of artists was born out of a dream to open a boutique featuring the finest in handmade products from their fellow Minnesotans. This family owned business is passionate about quality handmade products, supporting the small individual business owner and the local economy.  They believe the small business owner is the backbone of this country’s economy. They desire for consumers to have the opportunity to own unique, quality items made by hard working, human hands who will subsequently return more of their revenue back into the local economy, enriching the whole community.


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