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We would be happy to help you with any questions you might have, just send us a message below. Interested in selling with us? It's best to email us directly with those requests at minnesotamakers@gmail.com. Please consider these tips before submitting a request for review: 

1. Take and send high quality photos that show the craftsmanship of your work. If you have a website/Etsy site, include the link so we can check it out. We would love to see your work!

2. Take a moment to learn about our shop, mission, and art already on hand. We try to limit competition between types of art so that our artists are the most successful in their sales areas. We also try to limit sharing artists between us and stores within 3 miles of our location.

3. We really like to brag about our artists and their methods for creating! If you are an artist in our shop already or want to be one, stop in and visit on occasion so we can learn more about you, your craft, and update inventory.

4. We are most interested in products with a track record of good sales. Let us know about your successful products. 

5. Finally, tell us why you think your art would be a great fit for Minnesota Makers.

We look forward to hearing from you!                                                              Phone Number: 612-564-8056

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